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Nov 24, 2008
Except as mentioned here, we'll be using Pathfinder used as found in the SRD with changes as detailed in Ravenloft Player's Handbook

Third party content is by default NOT allowed, though exceptions may be made in case by case basis. Dreamscarred Psionics IS allowed, but talk with me first anyway before adding psionics to your character.

Multiclassing: Multiclassing works like it worked in AD&D: If you have more than one class, you make a gestalt of them instead of normal multiclassing, but you gain XP for each class separately. This means that if you have two classes, each of them receives half of your total XP, if you have three classes each of them receives one third of the total, etc. If you want to take a second class later in the game, you first gain gestalt in your first level, then when you get 3k XP in that class, you gain gestalt in your second level, etc.

Experience: You gain experience by spending gold(see attached table). The amount of XP gained with each purchase depends on the nature of the purchase. Magic items: 1/2*gp value. Materials for crafting magic items: 1/4*gp value. Mundane adventuring gear and similar useful items: 1*gp value. Long term investments(such as buying a keep or a title of nobility. Also includes other non-items such as sponsoring an event to gain favor of a noble or the like): 2*gp value. Wasting money(donating to orphanage/church, ale and whores, etc): 3*gp value. Wasting money in a particularly inventive or interesting way: 3 1/2*gp value.

Skills: All classes except full casters get a minimum of 4+int skill points per level. Archetypes such as lore warden which trade something for more skillpoints still get the same amount of extra skillpoints compared to the baseclass.

Classes: Fighters get all good saves. Monks get extra ki-powers as per qinggong monk archetype at 4th level and every four levels thereafter in addition to getting twice as much ki. 2nd level Cavaliers get the following ability at second level: 1/2 class level+cha mod times per day, you can add 1/2 your cavalier level to any single attack roll, damage roll or save. Usable once per round as a free action. Rogues get proficiency with the kukri and the sword cane in addition to their normal proficiencies.

Shields Shall be Splintered: A character who is proficient with shields and wielding a shield can once per round when he is not flat-footed or grappled choose to block an attack he is aware of that would otherwise hit him. The character takes no damage. A non-magical shield made of common materials is destroyed. A shield that is enchanted or made of special material of exceptional durability such as adamantine isn't automatically destroyed, but instead takes double damage from the attack(minimum 1 point after hardness is taken into account). If a magical shield is used to block a spell, it takes either full effects of the spell(no save) or, if the spell wouldn't normally affect the shield, 1 point of damage per spell level ignoring hardness.

Crossbows: Heavy crossbows, like composite bows, have strength rating that's added to their damage. If the wielder has strength bonus at least equal to the rating, they treat the crossbow as a light crossbow for the purpose determining how long it takes to reload it. For every 4 points the crossbow's strength rating exceeds the wielder's strength rating, the reloading time for the crossbow doubles(this makes free actions into swift actions, swift actions into move actions, move actions into standard action and standard actions into full-round actions when applicable). Having strength rating higher than 0 costs 75 gp per +1 for heavy crossbows and 150 gp per +1 for repeating heavy crossbows.

Feats: The following feat chains are folded into a single feat. When you take the first feat in the chain, you automatically gain the other feats when you meet their prerequisites:
Weapon Focus - Weapon Wpecialization - Greater Weapon Focus - Greater Weapon Wpecialization
Vital Strike - Improved Vital Strike - Greater Vital Strike
Improved x - Greater x where x = combat maneuver of your choice or feint
Blind Fight - Improved Blind Fight - Greater Blind Fight
Dimensional Assault - Dimensional Dervish
Disruptive - Spellbreaker
Endurance - Die Hard
Point-Blank Shot - Disrupting Shot
Precise Shot - Improved Precise Shot - Pinpoint targeting
Snap Shot - Improved Snap Shot - Greater Snap Shot
Rapid Shot - Manyshot
Cleave - Great Cleave
Cleaving Finish - Improved Cleaving Finish
Shield Focus - Shield Specialization - Greater Shield Focus - Greater Shield Specialization
Two-Weapon Fighting - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting - Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
Mounted Combat - Trick Riding - Mounted Skirnisher
Shot on the Run - Parting Shot
Spider Step - Cloud Step

Languages: Learning a new language takes about 8 weeks + an unspent language slot(one you've earned from high intelligence bonus or from spending points in Linguistics) assuming you're either using/hearing it constantly(like living in a place where everyone speaks it), but you can get basic gist of normal conversation after two weeks of similar immersion. Alternatively, you can actively study the language for two hours daily, in which case it also takes 8 weeks to learn a new language.
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