The Mists of Ravenloft Character sheets and creation


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Nov 24, 2008
Everyone starts the game with 3000 XP(see and 2000 GP worth of property from their previous adventures(most of this should be spent before the game starts). The starting place is a remote hamlet in Kartakass(for quick reference, see or the Ravenloft Player's Handbook, for in-depth information see Ravenloft Gazetteer volume 1) just south of Blackheart Lake. There are rumours of a powerful artefact that has been thrown into the lake, and these rumours may have drawn some adventurers there.

Ability scores: 20 point buy, as detailed in the SRD.

Allowed classes: All Paizo except Arcanist, DSP psionic classes, Radiant House occultist(and spirit-related archetypes for other classes).

Allowed races: Core races except half-orcs plus Caliban. Other races allowed on case by case basis, but should be fine if they can pass for a human.

Languages: The characters may leave one or more bonus language slots open to learn them later during the campaign as detailed in the houserules.

Hit points: For the first hit die, you get maximum hit points and for each subsequent hit die half the maximum(rounded up).
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Re: The Mists of Ravenloft Character sheets and creation

Behold, my character. a Centurion from one of the material planes.

Magnus stands at 6'4", with a square jaw, a rather large forehead, and a noticeable hook-nose. Black stubble covers the lower part of his face, showing how little he actually shaves, and his eyebrows are rather thick and bushy. On his person, he wears a red tunic with elbow-length sleeves, and a matching kilt that reaches just below his knees, with thick leather gloves and boots to accent the rather military-looking outfit. Over the tunic, he wears a polished steel breastplate, always cleaned of any dirt or blood, and from his hip hangs a longsword with a thick, rounded guard, bearing a sigil of crossed swords and a face overlaying them etched into the guards, and stored within a leather scabard sporting the same sigil as the blade. Finally, he carries a thick, rectangular, curved shield with him wherever he goes, sporting the same sigil as his blade and scabard, etched onto the front of it. Finally, he wears a thick steel helmet, with facial guards hanging down to protect all but his eyes and mouth, and thick, polished bull horns attached to the front of it.
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Re: The Mists of Ravenloft Character sheets and creation

My Character sheet

Dark Fae
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