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Of the divine

Major Gods

Ast Lawful Neutral

The god of sun and nobility. Usually depicted as a tall lizardman with golden scales, wielding either the Scepter of Sun or a great warhammer of bronze and wearing the regalia of an emperor. Ruler of the gods and spirits of day and the husband of En

En Neutral Good

The goddess to whom all warriors pure of heart pray, for she is the only god to care about peace. En is the goddess of peace and healing. She is depicted as either an elderly lizardwoman wearing the garb of healer or a young maiden wearing simple robes and with a wreath of flowers on her head, almost always with the Staff of Redemption. Ruler of the gods and spirits of sunrise and the wife of Ast and sister of Scar.

Sel True Neutral

The god of knowledge and magic. It is said that Sel is the one who taught the other spirits and gods how to grant mortals power from prayers or bargains. Sel is depicted either as an old binder wearing dark robe, or a skeletal figure and always carrying some tome or scroll. Ruler of the gods and spirits of the twilight.

The Dragon of Night Sky Chaotic Neutral

The god of night and stars. The god of darkness. The god of secrets, of unexpected wisdom, of art and music. The Dragon of the Night Sky is the god of many things, and never prayed for the same thing twice in a row. Although an ancient enemy of Ast, he allies himself with the rest of the pantheon in times of crisis. Depicted as a great dragon the size of the night sky, made of blackness yet alight with stars, the moons are his all-seeing eyes, though he is often temporarily blinded by the sun. Not acknowledged as a ruler by those who wish for the favor of Ast, yet great many spirits of both night and day bow to him.

Scar Neutral Evil

The god of war, Scar cares for nothing but battle and glory and smiles upon all those who would do war whatever their cause, and however vicious their methods, as long as blood is spilled. Scar is the champion of gods who bows to no-one yet will gladly fight for the other gods, whatever their cause. Brother of En.

Intermediate Gods

Gaar Lawful Good

Guardian of the sun, patron of righteous warriors and Paladins, and the god of tactics and strategy. Son of Ast and En.
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