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Dec 6, 2009
[B]Age[/B](Must be at least 15 at most 17/18)[B]:[/B]
[B]Description or Picture:[/B]
[B]Rank[/B](All PC's will start at lowest F/D)[B]:[/B]
This what I got so far. Attacks,abilities,etc. should be discussed and suggested as well ran by me for approval, I am also needing to know if anything else should be added.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Character Sheet

(I figured this would be the best place to keep the sheets organized)

Name: Kisaragi Akemi
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Description or Picture:

Known as the Ice Queen of Ashura, Akemi has a reputation as a strong woman, able to keep her emotions in check, and who always thinks of others before herself. She rarely shows her emotions, staying cool and collected at all times, if a little stand-offish. Thanks to her desire to help others and the effect gained from her composure and strength of will, Akemi sits at the head of the school's student council, making her even more of a target of many of the school's girls' envies and adoration.

Although she puts on a strong appearance, Akemi is far from the image she cultivates. When she doesn't have to worry about keeping appearances up, Akemi's personality softens, becoming gentle and even timid, but she's quick to re-don her armor should her solitude be interrupted. The only person Akemi trusts enough to let her guard down near is her friend Minasa, often fussing over the other girl, trying to take care of her, a sharp contrast to how the duo act in public.

Akemi genuinely wants to help people and make the world a better place, but realizes that sometimes, sacrifices must be made to achieve that goal. While she's willing to place her own life on the line for her goals, she doesn't want to hurt other people, and agonizes over such decisions and always looks for a solution that doesn't require anyone to be hurt. There is one person Akemi will not sacrifice however, her friend Minasa.

Akemi hates fighting, and always tries to come to a peaceful solution to any situation, but she does realize that isn't always possible.

Akemi loves cute animals, especially cats, but she won't show this unless she's in a position where she can open up.

The only child and heir-apparent of the Kisaragi corporation, Akemi was groomed nearly from birth to take the helm of the family corporation. Her father, Juubei Kisaragi, was a hard task-master, driving into her his own beliefs and values as a ruthless businessman, willing to sacrifice anyone to further his own agenda. Her mother, Kana, wasn't much help, bending to the will of her father in all cases. As a result of having these concepts forced upon her, Akemi actually came to hate them, but she had to please her father, so she began to live her double life at a very young age.

After an alteraction with an inebriated man, Akemi was saved by a girl from a poorer family named Minasa Higashi. The two girls, despite some difficulties, hit it off and Akemi found herself having romantic feelings for the other girl, though she is too afraid to admit them. The week before school started, the two made an oath to always be together.

Her father had sent Akemi to private schools for much of her life, but when she was about to enter her second year of high school, she requested to attend a public school instead, giving the reason that it would teach her the virtues of hard work and discipline, but really because Minasa, whom she had met the year earlier, went to the same school she asked to go to. Unknown to her, her father was also considering sending her to the same school, but for a different reason. The Kisaragi family had been handing down a megatama from father to son for generations, and Juubei was hesitant to pass it on to his daughter, but realizing he wasn't going to have a son, he decided to give it to her. Sending her to the high school for him, would further his family's own prestige in the battle that followed, at least, if she performed well. However, Akemi resents being used simply to further her father's ambitions, but she has little choice but to defend herself and those she cares about, not just Minasa, but her entire school. She desperatly wishes to make her own destiny, but she's afraid she doesn't have the willpower to do so, despite her strong facade.

Akemi's megatama has been coated with a black laquer to hide its colour, keeping the strength of the bearer a secret, and she wears the megatama as an ear-ring along with an identical black bead that acts as a decoy, a strategy imposed on her by her father.

Akemi has refused any relationships, both from men and women, stating that she's not ready to give her heart to anyone just yet, but really, there's already one person her heart belongs to, they just don't know it yet.

School: Ashura Academy

Rank: F/D (Hidden)

Fighting Style:
Akemi has trained extensivly in Kyuudo, Japanese archery, and this is her primary form of combat. She uses special blunt-tipped arrows to strike at foe's pressure points, but she also has standard arrows for when she needs to use deadly force. She's also been trained in Tae Kwon Do, and uses powerful kicks to keep enemies away who get too close for her to use her bow on them.

Akemi: Yuri, big breasts (she's kind of jealous), cosplay (especially catgirl cosplay)
Me: In addition to the above, in no particular order, light bondage, humiliation, rape (despite Akemi's hatred of it. Still, keep this to a minimum), and corruption.
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Aug 10, 2010
Re: Character Sheet

(After seeing maiko's sheet,i feel like mine is gonna be pretty mediocre lol)

Name: Kaneza Yamamoto
Description or picture:Quite tall,6''5,Yamamoto has medium lenght black hair tied in a ponytail at the back.He has dark green eyes, and a little darker than normal skin.He's got a pretty average build,but is still pretty athletic.He inherited the skills of his ancestor.Wich are great mastery of the Katana and a high knowledge thowards mantaining bladed weapons.His main physical attribute is his incredible speed and his dexterity.

When not wearing his school uniform,he'll simply wear a variety of black and dark blue sweaters,with jeans of the same colors,With his eternal pitch black vest.

Yamamoto is a rather reserved individual.He will talk only when talked to and will always try to blend in with the crowd.However he is not a loner like his attitude shows,he understands the importance of friendship and will always help at the best he can.He sees murder like a unecessary way to end a conflict and will always use the blunt of his blade unless he his forced to by a far stronger foe than himself.

Even if he really isn't interacting with others alot,Yamamoto tends to be on everyones good side unwillingly.His abilites thowards bladed armaments has made him pretty apreciated by everyone that uses such weapons around the school,asking him for making repairs or improvements when needed.

Born and raised in a shrine far away in the mountains by his mother,Yamamoto lived a pretty peaceful life.He was incredibly joyfull and was always smiling. His mother took great care of him each days.He never met his father,but his mother spoke often of him,being a great man and how he died of grave illness.She Educated him,fed him until he got to the age of 10 where she told him,she would show Yamamoto the ways of his ancestor.

Over 5 years,they both lived in the forest surrounding the shrine.Yamamoto's mother showed him in the ways and techniques of Kendo.He trained intensively,never realising his incredible feats he was able to accomplish at his young age.He asked about how his mother knew the way of the blade that well and she told him only this:''My father showed me a long time ago,the exact same way im showing this to you now.''

Reaching his 15's,his mother gave him her ear-ring.She then explained that the stone was containing the soul of his great ancestor and told him it was now time to accomplish his last task:Make his own Katana.Yamamoto experienced for 2 long years the hard work and labors of a blacksmith.When he finally reached hid 17 years,his mother fell greatly sick.She then died two month's later.She got incinirated and the Urn was placed in the shrine.

Yamamoto's attitude changed greatly after his mother's death,he became a lot more reserved and abandoned his eternal smile.As a way to honor his mother's effort thowards raising him and training him,he finally forged his own Katana using his mother's ashes mixed with steel to make the blade.The sword itself was incredibly light,sharp and durable.As the final touch,he engraved the first letter of her last name on the steel:M.

He then had to move away from the shrine and made his own life in the city below, eventualy becoming a student of the Ashura academy.

School:Ashura academy

Rank: F/D

Fetishes:Slightly older women,Large Breasts,maternal figures.

Turn offs:Same thing as everyone.

Fighting style:
Of course: Kendo,the art of the blade.Using a Katana he made himself,he excels in the art itself.
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Re: Character Sheet

Name: Minasa Higashi

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Description or Picture: Picture

Personality: Honor is what Minasa lives by, thusly making it her defining characteristic. Her morals do not waver for any condition or reason. With her strength, she upholds what she believes in, using her limbs as weapons to enforce what she believes to be justice. She believes happiness is life's true goal, and will make sacrifices, even if not her own, to preserve a common happiness for everyone. However, if asked to push a single man in front of a train to prevent the hundreds on the actual train from dying, Minasa would not be able to do so, and might end up tossing herself in front of the train instead. She does not possess the heart to harm an innocent.

Minasa's environment largely dictates her mood. In public, she stands tall and proud, head held high with a confident expression. She's always eager for a challenger to approach, to test her mettle in combat. And around her special friend Akemi, she's even more strict, immediately thinking of her condition even if someone so much as simply bumps into her, worried if that 'bump' was something more than just a bump.

In an informal setting, however, her mood takes a more laid back swing. With no one, other than perhaps Akemi to notice what she's doing, Minasa is prone to loafing, and periodic relaxation. Much like a soldier that's off duty, she is no stranger to any excitement to be had when not displaying her 'tough' image.

She follows Akemi like a loyal watch dog, and will do anything Akemi asks of her, and then some. No matter what, Minasa is constantly worried about where Akemi is, and what she's doing. If she's safe or in trouble. Minasa strongly feels that her fate lies with Akemi, but she has little clue how to show her strong connection, other than with her fighting prowess.

Background: The only child of her family, Minasa was, with hesitance, granted the privileges meant for the male heir by her parents. Her Magatama, passed down from her father, was the first part of her taking the helm of her family's honor. She was desired to take on a martial art, and learn the ways of combat by none other than her father, but not even her mother was capable of the physical strain of teaching her in combination with their other daily activities and responsibilities.

So, Minasa took on a self-taught martial art, based upon the style of kickboxing. Her own perception of the style was strikingly similar to the legit art itself, main point being that her combat could no longer continue once her opponent has reached the ground. She considers someone who stands back up to be challenging her again if they continue to fight, considering the moment they fell to be her victory.

Minasa continued to train, even upon reaching highschool. Others with their Magatama began to appear all around her, as she would find herself surrounded by countless potential opponents. Thinking that her years in highschool would be naught but battle after battle, one day Minasa met a prestigious girl named Akemi. Their natures being similar, Minasa felt an immediate connection with the high class student. And despite their vastly different positions in society, Minasa never felt closer to someone in her life. Calling Akemi a friend as well as an ally, she felt herself taking the role of a knight, pledging her loyalty to her empress.

Akemi means as much to her as her own pride and honor as a fighter. She holds her in high respect, and has absolutely no toleration for anything that threatens her.


Rank: F/D

Fighting Style: Minasa possesses adept knowledge of the style Mixed Martial Arts. Some of her most powerful attacks come from her strikes made from both her hands and legs, but she is no stranger to grapples either. While it is not a field she's adept in, Minasa is not totally helpless when someone throws their arms around her.

Fetishes: Girl on girl, groping, seduction, sex toys, forced submission, multiple girls-on-1, and humiliation. (Basically, lotsa yuri~)

Turn offs: Guro, excessive ryona, and scat.
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Re: Character Sheet

Name: Anna Yagami

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Description: Anna is half-japanese half-caucasian, her asian features being less prevalent. She has blue eyes and short blonde hair which most of the time refuses to maintain a set shape. It's usually in a state of "organized chaos", with a lone, indomitable strand of hair at the top of the girl's head, which forms an ahoge. Anna prefers to wear black clothes, and when not wearing her school uniform she'll dress like a metalhead, wearing black pants, a leather jacket and a t-shirt with a band logo. Has quite a collection of t-shirts. Rather than use a typical backpack for carrying her books to school, she owns a durable rucksack of a specific variety, called "cube". ( Logos of metal bands were stiched onto the surface of the rucksack, covering all available area. As for the girl's body build, she's of average height and has a slim body, with average bust and hips. Her face is very feminine and clearly reflects all kinds of emotions she's feeling at the moment, mainly because she makes no effort to hide them, consciously or not.

Personality: A bit grim and sarcastic at first glance, but carefree on the inside. Does not explore the consequences of her actions in depth and has a worse-than-average memory, which together with her curiosity and the fact that she's heavily motivated by boredom makes her unpredictable and unreliable. Mixes cynism with naivety and carelessness with effectiveness - her actions are often rash, sometimes even bizzare or insane, but she usually gets the job done - at the expense of everyone and everything around her not durable enough to withstand the fallout. Big eater with a bit of a sweet tooth - in spite of her eating habits, she has trouble with gaining weight, easily losing body mass during difficult periods of time. Her sense of humor is "questionable" at times, and her modus operandi seems to be entertainment - she'll do anything that sounds interesting, whether it's doing math, beating the crap out of someone or getting fucked. Conflict-seeking and competitive (sometimes to extreme levels), sometimes gets a little sadistic while fighting. In bed, prefers to be dominated, claiming that doing it this way reminds her of fighting and makes things more exciting. Has little to no shame and doesn't care about her reputation. Dislikes make-up and other forms of artificially improving one's beauty, but takes good care of her body and hair. Big fan of heavy metal. Honest, sometimes to the point of being brutal. Not a paragon of loyalty, but after picking a side she usually stick with it unless the differences between her outlook and the outlook maintained by her allies are too big. For some reason, refuses to accept bribes. Doesn't respond well to people criticizing her taste in music, which results in beatings - who is on which end of said beatings may be a subject of debate. Likes to carry her bokken everywhere. Short tempered, easy to provoke, hard to stop once she sets her mind on something. Possesses subtlety and grace of a flying mallet. Stubborn like a donkey, has the mental stability of a bird which inhaled fumes from Chernobyl. Her mind is rather sharp, but twisted. On top of that, the girl prefers to leave the thinking to other people "because it's annoying". Occasionally, however, she'll step up and figure things out herself - usually when she's bored with waiting. Altough she usually does whatever she likes, Anna usually tries to figure out what can be considered an acceptable level of recklessness tolerated by her surroundings, and usually acts within these borders. Speaks fluently in three languages: Polish, English and Japanese, and has above average math skills. Swears a lot in Polish when angry.

Background: Anna is the daughter of a polish businesswoman and a japanese manager, brought up at first in Europe before her family moved permanently to Japan. She spent around ten years of her life in Poland, where her personality began to form. She kept saying that she could be just as good as boys at things they were doing and occasionally, she'd try to prove it - with mixed results. She also had a penchant to get into fights, even injuring one kid shortly before leaving the country. Her father, in an attempt to channel her impulses into something more controllable, taught her how to wield a wooden sword. In retrospect, he probably should have reconsidered the idea, even if it seemed to be a good one at that time. After moving to Japan, however, the girl seemed to stop being as reckless as before - mainly due to different social norms, as well as better access to some of Japan's finest collection of really weird shit, which absorbed her attention. The only incident of note which happened after the girl moved to the East happened during a trip to Osaka, which took place while Anna was 13 years old. After getting lost while sight-seeing, she encountered a mysterious man who challenged her to a duel in a secluded area. She rushed the man, hit him with her wooden sword between the eyes and forced to retreat. Upon inspecting the area, she found am earring with a strange jewel which she felt compelled to put on. She continued to wear it from that point, noticing a certain increase in her fighting ability - regular punks were no match for her. Said incident had also one more consequence - while attempting to look for her parents around the "battlefield", Anna met an apparently nice man who treated her to a home-made lunch and offered her some alcohol. Out of curiosity, the girl played along, which ultimately resulted in loss of virginity. The girl enjoyed the experience.

School: Ashura Academy

Rank: F Weapon User (wooden katana, no special properties)

Style: No set style yet. Anna's experimenting with various things, slowly growing more and more interested in dual wielding...

Fetishes: Submission, light bondage, gangbang.

Turn offs: guro, scat, ryona, anal, hardcore bondage, S&M, piercings
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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Character Sheet

Name: Kinesobo Boitsuru

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (still a freshman (or equivalent); see background)

Description: Kinesobo is a large young man, especially compared to his peers, standing just shy of 190 cm (~6'3") and weighing about 117 kg (~258 lbs), most of that weight being muscle. He keeps his black hair short, and his face clean-shaven. His dark gray eyes don't often reflect any of his inner thoughts. When not wearing his school uniform, can often be found wearing a pair of battered, dirty, brown (beige?) cargo pants, a stained, dark green t-shirt, and a multi-pocketed gray vest. His arms, legs and hands have innumerable scars, seemingly from either being stabbed or slashed by knives; his face and body, however, are unmarred.

Personality: Believes that actions speak louder than words, but is neither especially quiet, nor is he shy. In fact, he is supremely confident in his own abilities. Will go to great lengths to avoid breaking his word. Tends to be serious rather than playful, would rather spend time alone than with large groups, bases his actions more on instinct than careful consideration, and is constantly aware of his surroundings; not much happens near him that he does not notice. Despite being a 17 year old freshman, he was not held back due to a lack of intelligence or effort.

Background: Ever since his father took him hiking in the mountains, Kinesobo has been an avid outdoorsman. The smell of the air, the view of the sky, the sounds of the forest, it was all so intoxicating to the young lad. He was very careful to balance his love of exploring the mountains with his responsibilities at home and school. Until one night, shortly before his freshman year, his dead grandfather came to him in a dream. "Kinesobo," his grandfather had implored, "you must go into the mountains, and live there. You must survive alone, and you must train, your body and your mind. You must let no one know where you are, you cannot rely on anyone but yourself. When the time is right to return, you will know." At first, he ignored the dream, but then the next night he had the same dream. And the night after that. And after that, for almost two weeks. "Mother. Father. Grandfather has been visiting me in my dreams," the note he taped on his bedroom door the night he left began. "He says I must go into the mountains, and live there alone. I do not know when I will return, but believe me when I say I will see you again. I love you both. Kinesobo."

He took with him two changes of clothes, a week's worth of food, and various other supplies he might need. The first month he walked further and further into the mountains, away from the city, avoiding the search parties that had been sent for him. The second month he hunted, for food, and a more permanent place to make camp. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth months were all a blur. He trained his senses, his body, his endurance, his reflexes. He caught fish, found edible berries, killed deer, and survived. By eight months he'd killed his first bear (do they have bears in Japan? Well, they do in this setting); six months later, he could do it without his knife. Six months after that, he didn't need to kill the bear to defeat it. Two months later, his main form of entertainment was raping bears. Three months after that, he grew bored of it. It was a bright, warm fall day, over three and a half years after his training had begun when he found what he had unknowingly been looking for. He was searching for food when a glint in the dirt caught his eye. Retrieving the object, he discovered it was a bronze stone, roughly tear shaped. Understanding then flooded his mind; this was the end of his training. He was ready for whatever came next. It took him 3 weeks to walk back to the city. After 5 months, he still has difficulties acclimating to it. On the upside, his parents are ecstatic he's back.

School: Ashura Academy

Rank: F/D

Style: He is most comfortable fighting unarmed; years of wrestling bears has made him a fearsome grappler. He is also extremely durable and strong-willed. When fighting an opponent with a weapon, he uses a pair of leather gloves with metal plates sewn into the lining over the knuckles and bits of plating in the palm; these help to protect his hands without compromising much flexibility.

Fetishes: Large breasts (so, average anime size), voyeurism, dominating a resisting target and making them willing

Turn Offs: Same anti-coprophilia, -yaoi, and -guro as everyone else; any amount of blood, really; being dominated or humiliated; I'll let you know if there's anything else (can't think of anything, but just in case).

((I think that about covers everything. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to change/expand upon.))
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Re: Character Sheet

Hey look, I finally got around to posting the damned thing.


Name: Eichiro Yamato
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Description or Picture
A man of no obvious distinction, Eichiro's head is usually hidden by the mess of dark hair that refuses to be controlled. But when people do manage to brush it out of the way it reveals a rather pleasant looking face that immediately makes people think of someone they know, usually a family member. That does him no good with the ladies, however. No guy really wants a girl to see him first as a brother, so he keeps himself a little messy to try and avoid that.

Eichiro is a man who will do what he must for his family. If that means stealing some food to give them something to eat then so be it. But beyond that he tries to keep his honor intact. He won't steal just for shits and giggles like most other hooligans, and he most certainly take anything he doesn't need. He will even try to pay back whoever he steals from without any explanation. Aside from that he's actually a rather approachable young man even if he tends to keep to himself. He has a few friends, but no true connection because he's forced to work after school. But if someone were to take the time to get to know him they would find a man who would lay down his life for the people he cared about.

Eichiro was born to a rather poor family that split when he was eight. His father just up and left his mother for no apparent reason, and she turned to drinking as a result. She tried to keep the family together. Oh lord did she try. But the stress of being a single mother who constantly worked just to keep food on the table took its toll. She took to drinking to try and escape the stress of the world, and at the tender age of ten that left him to take care of his four and five year-old brother and sister.

A young boy fending for not only himself could only do so much on his own. Those times when his mother was too drunk to even come home left the three children hungry, and at age twelve Eichiro had enough of it. It made him sick every time he tried to comfort his siblings while his own stomach complained right in their ears, and when mom came home higher than a kite it just made him wretch. This was when he started turning toward crime. As a result he had a number of run-ins with police, and that simply drove his mother to start drinking more.

This vicious cycle continued until he became fourteen. That year father payed a surprise visit, and in the ensuing web of drama that always followed an appearance he pulled Eichiro to the side and gave his son a gift, a family heirloom that was passed from generation to generation. When the boy finally opened it he found a small gem, and when he was told it contained the soul of a great man Eichiro started taking it wherever he went. This introduced him to the world of Fighters.

His first battle was a complete disaster. He never learned how to fight on his own, and he was attacked by three kids who noticed the Magatama hanging around his neck. He was soundly defeated, but somehow he managed to pick himself up return to class. It happened again, and he simply went back to class once more. The third time it happened he managed to hold his own against one attacker, but afterward he was beat rather badly and had to be sent to the hospital. Much to his surprise his mother stayed by his side for three days straight and cried her eyes out for just as long. He couldn't find the courage to ask her why, but on the third day the question just suddenly slipped out. Her answer shocked him. She admitted to being a loser and a lush and being so caught up in herself that she failed to notice her baby needing help until it was too late. Something inside both of them snapped at that point, and they each vowed to do what they could to make life easier for the other.

For Eichiro he took that as going out and getting a job. There wasn't much that he could do since he was still in school, but he somehow managed to get a job as a cook in the back of a small restaurant. It didn't pay much, but it was enough to lighten the load on the family's expenses. Mom no longer needed to worry about so much, so she didn't go out drinking as much and spent more time at home. She still uses alcohol as a crutch from time to time, but things are now starting to get a little better.

Ashura Academy

F (D under certain circumstances)

He has no set style of his own, and he's actually rather late to the martial arts game. But he proves to be a good student, and with every fight he watches he learns a little more on how to move. But one place he excels are his hands. They're dexterous little bastards, and his job as a cook introduced him to knives. The two fit disturbingly well, so he keeps at least a pair of knives hidden on his person at all times. He prefers not to use them if he can. Usually they're brought out only to defend against another Fighter's weapon. But if someone threatens his family he changes. He will attack full force with deadly intent, and he will show just how well he can slice through meat.

Turn-offs: golden showers, scat, guro, yaoi (the basic killjoys for just about everyone else)
After that I'll deal with whatever anyone else throws my way.
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