Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

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Nov 24, 2008
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In the months since last autumn nightmares have become more common. Some people have had them night after night for weeks, or so you've heard. The very first ones told of freezing cold and the winter was indeed unusually cold. The ones after have told of drought, of rain, of plagues and of fire and blood.

The winter was coldest for decades, the spring rains were heavy enough to cause flooding, but now as the summer comes closer there hasn't been a cloud in the sky for weeks. There's whispering in the streets. Some claim that druids are responsible, and should be brought to heed. Some blame demonic influence. Everyone seems to think that things will get worse before they get better. Some are even saying that these are the end times. Asking about it from clerics will get a glare, or "mind your own business" although some will admit that they don't know any better than anyone else. It's as if gods aren't favoring anyone anymore; although prayers of the faithful still get answered, there's a sense of distance in them, as if gods were othewise occupied...

Today is another fine day Redwater, yet another in the seemingly endless series of them. People aren't overly worried about the possible drought, because there has been droughts before and Redwater lives on fish more than farm products, although the real livelyhood for most people comes from the darker shades of trade and other less-than-honorable professions. There is speak of some foreign emissary and indeed, two warships were sent from harbor yesterday, and now they are coming back with a third, and though they are too far to tell details yet, it is already clear that this isn't one of Redwater's own.

OOC: Everyone post what their characters would be doing.
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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

Kaedo sat on his knees on the deck of one of the warships, near the front, staring ahead through his Ho-Ate mask and breathing calmly as he listened to everything around him. The rushing of the waves past the hull of the ship. The shouts of sailors working the rigging of the sails. The gentle breeze whizzing past his helmet. He could see Redwater in the distance, and knew that he would finally be able to set foot on solid ground once more. He could hear his horse in the loft below-decks neighing, and could sense his apprehension. It was a foreign land, and they were both newcomers. But Kaedo would endure, for the sake of his Lord, as he always had. He would accomplish his mission, or die trying. He stood, and grasped his Naginata from in front of him, then rested it against his right shoulder, his left hand reflexively coming down to rest on the base of his Katana's hilt. He still wondered why his Lord had suddenly decided to begin searching for trading opportunities, but he was the one who had volunteered, so it wasn't really his place to question those orders.

As he walked towards the back of the ship, he looked off to the side, observing one of the other ships and smiling beneath his mask, which looked very similar to a demon. He was proud to see everyone working so hard, and was honored that he was allowed to join them on this voyage. Though he did stick out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of the crew, who mainly wore loose lightly-colored clothing, while he wore heavy armor painted so deep a blue it could be mistaken for black at range, and sporting red linings around the individual plates of the lamellar sections of his armor, with the twin horns mounted on his Kabuto shining a golden luster. He began to think about his armor, how it had saved his life many a time, how his Kabuto signified his rank and position as a Samurai, and how it all meant he was still honor-bound to his Lord, and he had to accomplish his mission.

As he began to near the stairs below-decks, he stopped, and turned to look forward one last time, staring at the port of Redwater. He knew that his fate lie ahead, but whether that fate was kind to him was a different matter.


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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

A peculiar sight can be seen at the bar of a tavern, especially for any passing traveller to Redwater; a gnome in plate armour, a whiskey in one hand, a bag hanging from his side and a battleaxe strapped to his hip talking quite openly and in depth with a monkey who has an untouched glass of water in front of it. A lance stands next to the gnomes stool, resting against the bar.

"No, listen... Jim, pay attention," The gnome, Lindbert, says rather crossly, his brow furrowing as he rests one arm on the counter. "Dammit Jim, what are you doing?" The monkey, much as it has done since the two of them entered the tavern and took their seats sits still on the stool, occasionally scratching itself and largely paying no attention to the gnome and his irritability.

Lindbert continues to 'bicker' with the monkey for several more minutes before knocking back the last of his whiskey and places the glass on the counter. "Time to go," The gnome says to Jim as he hops off his stool, takes up his lance and slides it into its sheath on his back. Adjusting his bag the gnome makes his way out of the tavern, Jim quickly following behind.

"Reginald!" The gnome calls out loudly which is followed by a loud, shrill squawk near the entrance of the tavern. "There you are," Lindbert says happily a smile stretching across his face. Sitting down patiently is an ostrich in leather barding and a saddle on its back, who leans its head towards the gnome. The ostrich nuzzles against Lindberts face, who gently pets the bird for a couple of minutes before the two of them part. Waiting for both Lindbert and Jim to climb atop Reginald stands up and turns towards the docks. "I wonder what degenerates are going to plague our great city today?" Lindbert wonders aloud as the three of them make their way to the dock, Lindberts patrol duty.


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

David walked through the main streets of Redwater with a wary eye on those passing him by, and a slight bend in his walk. He'd amassed quite a bit of gear over the last few months, assorted camping gear he'd kicked himself for not realizing he'd needed at the time of departure on an assignment from one of the fathers at the temple. Whichever one of them he was assisting always came prepared himself, of course, and they usually had some sort of animal along to carry their gear. Last time, David hadn't thought to bring food, a bed roll, or a change of clothes along, and the priest he'd been attending at the time, Father Douglas, had thought his lack of proper preparation for a foray into the countryside rather amusing, and as he'd also forgotten to take any money with him, Dave had been more or less shit out out of luck.

Now, however, after he'd managed to get most of what he'd thought would be useful, he found himself weighed down by all of the gear he had to carry, in addition to the mostly ornamental mace he carried that marked him as a member of the church of Serenrae, and the shield and fine mithral armor he'd spent the brunt of his money on. He'd had more run ins with bandits than he'd have liked, as in more than one, and he had no intention of ending up dead in a ditch somewhere, so those were all essentials. The other gear, which was mostly for comfort, would have to be carried by something else, so David had set off to the edge of Redwater that included the stables, searching for some sort of mount to carry all of his assorted odds and ends. That, and having something that could run a bit faster than he might be nice, in case of emergencies.
Dec 11, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

The sorceress Cassandra sat atop the edge of a fountain, her back to the water, what little there was, her legs crossed one across one another and her fingers curled around the stone edge of the fountain’s bastion. Her backpack sat beside her foot and her belt hung heavy with its burden. She was situated in one of the more open and populated streets within Redwater, just people watching for now. If the urge struck her she might scope out a nice corner here or there and set to performing, but as it was her purse, pouch and pack were all full and she had no immediate need for the money.

She was watching the people of Redwater, people were interesting, there were there no matter where you went, and they were always different wherever you found them. Redwater was no different, well, it was different, it was unlike any place Cassandra had ever been before, but that was its attraction. The good, the bad, the strange and all the rest all mixing together into one cohesive people, that was what Redwater appeared to be. Cassandra had seen peoples here she’d only heard about before, gnomes, elves, dwarves… some things she couldn’t quiet identify, it was all so glorious.


Jan 4, 2009
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

Darryl finishes his morning prep in his room as he gives a sigh, going over to his table and making a few notes as he considers his task today. He was lucky to have been allowed to leave the guild today for personal study, as he had heard of new warships on the horizon, headed towards port. As a scholar, he was curious about who or what these unknown ships would contain, and was determined to make his way there and study whoever emerged from the ship today. Of course, he'd have to somehow distinguish himself past all the guards and other likely to meet the ambassador when he got off the ship, assuming as such was the many variables, but he had a feeling this would work out in a good way.

Calming himself again and making sure he was all prepared, he grabbed his backwork, a masterwork one he found in the markplace one day, he felt lucky to have obtained it, otherwise he doubted he could carry all the stuff he needed to. He grabbed his staff and his spellbook, the staff a straight, solid one, made of oak with the ends warped and flared, the top of it holdin gin it a small, dark green gem, embedded deep into it. It was his focus, and without it it was hard for him to do anything. He always took his spellbooks with him, though he wouldn't need them till he prepared tomorrow morning. And he left, all packed, headed for the docks

Of course it was crowded there...but the ships had drawn near, and it looked like they were about to unload, as he pushed his way through the crowd, working his way forward as he waited for the first person to disembark...

Spell Prep

Cantrips (4/0/0)
Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Ray of Frost

1st Level (2/1/1)
Grease~ ||
Enlarge Person
Stumble Gap~

2nd Level (1/1/1)
Create Pit~
Minor Image
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Nov 24, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

David arrives at a respectable looking stable and as he's about to go in, a middle-aged slightly over-weight man appears from inside to greet him: "Hello good master. Looking for a horse? I sell the best horses in Redwater. Welcome."

After some time, Kaedo hears a knock at the door of his cabin. He can hear the captain's voice: "Kaedo-dono. We have arrived."

Cassandra sees a lot of people walk by, most of them human, but members of other races mixed in as well. Suddenly the crowd parts as a group of what must be nearly a hundred guards in very polished armour marches past towards where she knows the docks to be, lead by a nobleman in a blue garb riding alongside an officer.

Standing at the docks David sees the ships arrive simultaneously with a regiment of guards lead by one of the younger captains and Lord Redstone, the chief diplomat of the city. The guards immediately start clearing the docks of people, but a gesture from one of the sergeants sees that they leave David alone, alongside a bunch of other observers - ambassadors from other city-states, members of some clergies and one of the paladins. A band of musicians starts playing a fanfare of some sort.

As Lindbert arrives to the docks at his patrol, he witnesses the arrival of the palace guards just as some warships dock. The lieutenant of the guards, a nasty man called Butcher who doesn't like gnomes, spots Lindbert and, after speaking a few words with the captain, gestures Lindbert to move, and walks to meet him in the middle. "Hey Lindbert, it's your lucky day! You've just been assigned to some foreign bigwig ambassador as a guide and a bodyguard. Now get to the palace and make yourself presentable, you need to be there when he's done meeting Lord Agelmar. So you've time to have a bath. And your smelly animals, too."


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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

Kaedo stands, having been kneeling in front of a scroll mounted on the wall, one his father had given him long ago. He takes his Katana and Wakizashi from the racks in front of the scroll, and slides them into his belt, before taking his Naginata from its place in the corner and walking towards the door, making a grasp for his Daikyu and slinging it on his left shoulder before sliding the door open. "Then I suppose it is time that we see for ourselves what kind of people we will be dealing with." he speaks, his Naginata tapping the ground as he walks forward through the ship, heading for the deck.

When he arrived, he saw a spectacle he always hated seeing. His horse was being lifted out of the ship's hold by a crane, and was staring at him as it swung around on the ropes with an "I'm going to kill you" look. He made for the ramp down onto the dock, his armor plates clinking together as he walked, and the horns on his Kabuto shining as he walked. Most of the commoners, though, would most likely be drawn to his Ho-Ate mask, which covered his face and kept all but his eyes and a sliver of his mouth from being seen. Worse yet, it was designed and painted to look like the face of a demon, making Kaedo look like an invader more than an ambassador.

When he reached the end of the ramp, he stepped off and planted the blunt end of his Naginata on the ground, practically staring right at Lord Redwater and his entourage of city guardsmen as the crane began to lower his horse to the docks.


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

David nodded to the portly man politely, and said; "Good day, sir!" He was about to continue when the fanfare started, and he glanced sideways at the approaching vessels. Interesting, but not something he really had to get involved in quite yet, particularly since the guards didn't seem to want to bother him. Sometimes, it did pay to be a member of the clergy. Maybe once he had a horse, instead of his heavily weighted backpack, he could pay more attention to what was going on. He turned back to the man, smiling pleasantly, and said; "Yes, I am looking for a horse, or something of the sort. I don't need anything fancy, just something to help me carry a few things, and occasionally carry me. Also, you wouldn't happen to have some saddlebags that I could purchase as well, would you?"


Nov 28, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

Arya gently laid the fresh corpse of the beggar against the wall in the darkness of one of Redwater's twisted back alleys. Pulling the dagger sheathed in her boot, she slashed the body's flesh open between the twin puncture marks, masking the wound of her feeding. She had been sure not to drain him, so that plenty of blood spurted out from the wound across the wall, and seeped out down his ragged clothing.

She wiped her dagger off on his pants and sighed as she sheathed the small weapon.

"Rest now, in whatever heaven or hell awaits you," she whispered and gently closed the dead man's eyes.

Wiping excess blood from her lips with the back of her hand, Arya got to her feet before pulling the hood of her cloak up. She emerged from the alley into the stark brightness of sunlight. She winced slightly, but the shadows thrown over her face by the cloak helped with her sensitivity.

She spent a few moments wandering the streets, listening to the sound of gulls get louder as she found herself drifting closer to the docks, and consequently the inn where she made herself at home. The gulls however were being drown out by the musical instruments of those who called themselves noble in this city.

Curiosity got the better of the Dhampir, and she followed the sounds until the large warship in port came into view, along with the contingent of guards in their highly polished armour, as well as a few aristocratic looking people. Arya spat on the ground as she saw them, all that made a noble in these parts was some fancy clothing, they weren't any different than anybody else. They just thought so. Still, she watched the scene unfold, curious about the man in the strange armour with the demonic mask. He was an interesting sight. Though she couldn't help but wonder if he thought himself a demon, or was trying to scare others into thinking he was.

Leaning on a crate Arya kept her eyes drifting over the crowd, keeping her hands in plain view away from the weapons adorning her.


Jan 4, 2009
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

Darryl is a little unhappy at the sudden presence of so many people. Not a fan of crowds, he does his best to stay small as he keeps himself pressed forward, so that he sees the demon masked man step off the ship, quite interested as the man places the haft of his long weapon on the ground, as he notices the full armor and weapons of the man. Diplomat...or warrior? Perhaps both?

The man hadn't said anything yet, but Darryl had taken out a small pad as he works to make a sketch of the man for his records.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

Kento walked down the ramp of the boat onto the dock, his falcon,Grey Sentry, sitting silently flicking his avian head back and forth curiously. He had his backpack of equipment strapped to his back, he was likely a strange sight to the people of the costal dock city. He was wrapped in all black and dark grey clothing, with a grey overshirt, boots, and gloves. He had a bola wrapped around one shoulder, a three pronged knife holstered on each hip, and a chain with a heavy steel ball on one end wrapped around the other shoulder with a sickle held casually in his left hand. His face was completely covered by a head piece save for his eyes, which were a dark rich brown. "This is an interesting place, Grey Sentry. The lord has demanded we bring back rare items, and report our findings of this land to him. I'll be most interested to see what awaits us beyond this port." he said to his friend as the bird of prey screeched in response. At that moment his steed he was given for travel by the daimyo was being lowered down onto the deck by a crane.


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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

"Now I wonder why they're here..." Lindbert says to himself, his brow furrowing as the warships docks. "Here's hoping they don't cause more trouble for us, eh?" Jim chitters in agreemant as he adjusts his position on Lindberts back as Reginald squawks his agreement.

Seeing Butcher gesturing the gnome to meet with him Lindbert lets out a disgruntled sigh, and much to his better judgement he directs Regninald to the man. Lindbert often wondered whether he'd rather deal with the more violent criminals than this gnome-hater. Rather than argue back with him Lindbert decides to just go along with the mission Butcher has assigned for him, though he stops Jim from crapping into his own hand to throw at the lieutenant. He had argued with the man enough times before about not actually being a part of his regiment, but that little detail clearly didn't bother Butcher at all.


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Nov 24, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

<Keats> As Kaedo steps down from the ramp to the dock, he sees that the guards have settled into an open square surrounding the area and standing in attention. A man dressed in expensive blue garb looks at him and hesitates, taking a look at the captain and scanning other people on board. Finally he flourishes a bow and calls out in a clear, practised voice "I bid you welcome to Redwater, my lord. Redwater bids you welcome. I am Lord Redstone. Lord Agelmar, the ruler of our city, wishes to meet you as I'm sure you wish to meet him. Let us therefore hurry to the palace, where refreshments will be available."
* Darryl looks at the spectacle from the crowd, having pushed himself to the front somehow, as he quickly works on a sketch of the foriegn armored man.
* Kaedo looks at the man and smirks beneath his demon mask, as the crane sets his horse on the dock, the workers loosening the ropes holding it. Kaedo then lets loose a short whistle for the beast, who trots towards him. "Very well, then. Take me to this Lord Agelmar." he says, then uses his left hand to heft himself onto the back of his armored horse.
* Darryl sketches the horse as well, sketching the entire scene for the possibly of this being a historial moment.
* David half watches the procession from the opposite side of a wall of guards
<Keats> Lord Redstone hops back on his horse and leads the way, the guards forming a square around them. The profession sets towards the palace at a slow pace, with more people coming to gawk at it.
* Kaedo settles himself in his saddle, using his knees to guide the horse as accurately as a normal rider would with a bridle
* Darryl follows close behind while still working on his drawing.
* David eventually loses interest as the group moves away from him, figuring that he'd probably be able to follow it more comfortably once he had a horse
* Kento slowly walks down from the ramp of the boat, looking over the surroundings, and the hustle and bustle of the busy city port, before giving a sharp whistle as a grey falcon swoops down and perches on his wrist. "Well, Grey Sentry. Here we are. We should probably follow Kaedo-sama to meet the Lord Agelmar." he sIds as his ride is lowered down by a crane
<Kento> Mounting it and following Kaedo to the lord of the new land.
* Yannifer has to stop and step aside for the procession, staring up at the mounted man in the demon armour as they pass by, before continuing on her way, looking for any sort of job board in the dockside area
<Keats> The man who greeted David re-emerges from the stable leading a white gelding "How's this suit you, young master? He's not the fastest breed, but he's calm as anything and if I'm any judge, that's what yer really wanting."
* Cass watches the march of the procession from the relative comfort of a side street, more or less simply surveying the latest set of travelers to come to Redwater, this batch seemed, unusual, to say the least.
* Darryl gets jostled and bumped as the procession moves along, eventually getting tired of it, simply sitting down to put the finishing touches on his drawing, he'd catch up with the procession later.
<Keats> The procession takes a quarter hour to travel the half-mile trip to the palace that is built of bone-white marble with blood-red tiles for the roof. As Redstone dismounts a number of stablehands appear to take care of the horses before Redstone leads Kaedo and the rest of them inside.
* Darryl eventually finishes his drawing, hurrying to catch up with the procession, arriving to see as the horses are being lead away and the forigner lead inside.
* Kaedo dismounts his horse, patting him on his head to calm him before following Redstone, his right hand still gripping his Naginata as he tapped the ground with each step of his left foot
* Kento humbly bows to the stablehands as they take their horses from the gt
<Kento> *group* and simply walks onwards to the main gates observing the elaborate palace and the behavior of the people there in.
<Keats> Once inside Kaedo is led through a long hallway with elaborate tapestries adorning the walls and up stairs to a large room with several comfortable chairs around a small table. Opposite of the door is sitting a young but regal man in a simple but well made white clothes and with a golden coronet on his head. "Greetings. I am Lord Agelmar. And you are Samurai Kaedo. Sit down."
* Darryl can't go inside so sits around and draws pictures of people out of boredom
<Kento> ((I take it that Kaedo is the only one allowed in?))
<Keats> ((everyone in the procession is allowed into the palace, but Kaedo is the only one allowed to the room))
* Darryl sits in the palace and draws pictures of people who want pictures drawn.
* Kaedo walks through the door, resting the blunt end of his Naginata on the floor as he bows to Agelmar. "Apologies, Lord Agelmar, but I prefer to stand." he states, then stands back up from his bow
* Kento would stand quietly outside of the door, looking around at the passersby, and taking note of the activites going on, waiting for Kaedo to come back out.
<Keats> Agelmar shows slight amusement at Kaedo's words "Very well. This shouldn't take too long, anyway. Now. Why are you here? Your lord certainly chose an odd time for diplomacy."
* Kaedo looks across the room at Agelmar "I believe that the timing was not his decision, but ours." he states, his left hand coming up to adjust his mask, a nervous habit of his. "We were ordered to find allies across the sea to trade with. And here we are. It was either fate or luck that we found this city first."
<Keats> Agelmar chooses his words carefully "Interesting. Redwater certainly welcomes new traders, as always. I do apologize for the shortness of this meeting, but I have matters to attend to. We will talk more tomorrow. For the rest of the day you are free to do as you will. Feel free to enjoy my full hospitality." Agelmar stands up and a servant opens the door "This way to your quarters, my lord" she says to Kaedo and leads the way.
<Keats> ((Lindbert should be there to meet Kaedo at his quarters. He's been told that he's to act as a guide and a bodyguard to the ambassador))
* Kaedo bows to Agelmar "Thank you for your time, Lord Agelmar." he says, then follows the servant out of the room.
* Kento would
* Darryl decides to see if he can get close to the forgiener now, seeing how close he canget to the man now that the meeting is over.
<Kento> *move quickly and quietly out of the way as Kaedo would walk out of the room, following silently behind him and the servant with his pack on his back; looking over all the scenery the palace had to offer. Looking from door to door and observing the actions and habits of the staff.
<Keats> Kaedo is let to another part of the palace where quarters have been assigned to him and his followers. The rooms assigned for kaedo are spacious and there's a hot bath waiting as well as some wine and a meal and a set of clothes. In the middle of the room there's an armored gnome...
* Lindbert , despite Butcher's hatred towards him, thought that the man was right and had hurried himself off at least freshed up a bit before meeting with the foreign ambassador. Having now done that he waits patiently outside the mans room, Jim left to guard Reginald.
* Kaedo stares at the armored gnome in the middle of his room, before pointing his Naginata at him "What is that thing doing in here?"
* Lindbert sighs. "Great, another moron..." Lindbert thinks to himself before walking up to the man. "My name is Lindbert Clearwater, and I'm to be your bodyguard and guide while you're in our city." He says, introducing himself to the strange looking man whilst holding his hand out to shake.
<Keats> Yannifer finds a job listing near an inn. There are some jobs for shop assistants and barmaids but not much else. Only one job seems interesting "The city guard looking for contractors for a special mission. Meeting at the basement of Willful Women
* Darryl gives up following the forigner for now as he heads back to the mages collective to archive the smallamount ofinformation he learned.
* Kento merely looked on at Lindbert with mild curiosity, before resuming silently unpacking his gear from his back pack. He would take out several scrolls of parchment and ink vials. He also unrolled his bed roll fir sleeping. this will be a most interesting mission he thought to himself.
* Kaedo cautiously holds his left hand out to shake as he retracts his weapon to the standard position. "Kaedo. Of the Takahira clan."
* Yannifer looks over the job board twice, just to make sure. She really has no applicable skills for anything requiring a counter (Why does everyone build so big around here?!), so the post by the city guard seems the most likely choice. Unfortunately, she had no idea where to find this 'Willful Women' place. She'll have to ask around...
* Lindbert claps his hands in excitement. "Oh, that's a fancy sounding name. I assume you're not from around these parts then? Your armour and weapons also seem very exotic." Lindbert paces around the man, eyeing his armour with child-like glee until he comes full circle around the man and stops in front of him once more.
<Kaedo> Kaedo nods, his left hand reaching up to adjust his right shoulder plate, which had moved out of place by now. "Indeed. I come from a land far to the east, across the vast ocean." he says,setting his naginata against a nearby wall, then reaching up to undo the straps on his mask, taking it off to reveal his face. "What of you? Why are you here?"
<Keats> Asking for directions causes some strange reactions "Oh, you're looking for THAT kind of company? It's directly east from the palace, about half a mile"
* Lindbert frowns for a moment, wondering if Kaedo was senile before realising he probably meant why was Lindbert in this land. "Oh, there's no real reason really," Linbert says, shrugging. "I spent a lot of time travelling before coming across this crime soaked city. I then decided to try and do something about it."
* Yannifer harumphs at the strange reactions she's getting from a simple request for directions, and stalks off in that direction, trying her best to glare anyone along the way into getting out of her way, and failing miserably. By the time she arrives, however, her mood has settled again, having been distracted by the multitude of sights along the way.
* Kaedo listens, nodding as Lindbert tells his story. "An honorable goal. But what I really meant was why are you here, in my quarters." he states, then begins to untie the straps for his helmet
* Lindbert lets out a small laugh realising that he was right the first time. "Sorry, sorry, thought I said earlier. I've been assigned as your guide and bodyguard whilst you're in our city. It can get quite dangerous here for someone who's not a native."
<Keats> From outside the place looks quite ordinary inn. Stepping inside, however, Yannifer sees that for an inn the place is kind of dark, with a bar at the far side of the room and the rest of the room filled with small table. There also seems to be a lot of lonely women here. One of them greets Yannifer immediately "Why hello, darling. What kind of company are you looking for? We don't really...
<Keats> ...specialize for your kind of customers, but I'm sure there's something we can offer"
* Cass found herself back wandering the streets of Redwater. The commotion of the foreigners’ arrival had been interesting, but watching a man in funny armor ride from the docks to the palace was only interesting for so long, particularly after the envoy was off the streets.
<Kaedo> Kaedo nods as he takes off his Kabuto, revealing a knot of tied up black hair hidden underneath. "I see. Well, before that, can you allow me time to bathe and change out of this heavy armor? I've been at sea for several months."
* Cass with a sigh, and a heft of her backpack, Cassandra meandered down the main streets looking for something new and exciting to hold her interest, and maybe make or spend a little coin.
<Kento> After having finished unpacking, Kento would walk about the palace, investigating becoming familiar with the layout, keeping an eye oh for anything interesting, guarded or locked rooms, and the such. Be would observe the behavior and patterns of the servants, guards and other occupants. Dedicating it to memory.
* Lindbert nods. "Sure, sure, if you've been travelling for that long you'll need to." He then quickly walks to the door and opens it. "I'll be waiting out here, if you need anything just give me a shout." Lindbert then leaves the room, closing the door behind him.
<Yannifer> "Finally! Everyone out there is mean, they kept giving me funny looks when i wanted directions here!" The gnome exclaimed to the greeting girl, completely missing the atmosphere of the 'Inn' entirely, and holding up the sheet she had pilfered from the job board for the woman to inspect. "I'm here about a job with the city guard, where's you basement?"
* Kaedo signs as he sets his mask and helmet on the end of the bed, then takes both of his blades off of his belt and gently sets them next to his helmet, before he takes his Daikyu off of his shoulder and sets it against the wall next to his Naginata. He then begins to pull off the individual pieces of his armor, until all that was left was his breastplate.
<Keats> The middle aged man leading the horse asks David "So is this the one you want, then? You can get it for 90 gold, and I'll throw in saddlebags with the saddle and some feed, as well"
* Kaedo then takes his breastplate off, leaving only his kimono which he wore underneath the armor on. After he had set the armor aside on the floor, he decided a nice hot bath was in order.
<Keats> The woman frowns at Yannifers reaction "Oh. It'll be a while before anyone else comes, but you can go in and wait." she gestures towards the stairs "Sure you don't want some entertainment while waiting?"
<Kento> ((Kento will be looking for anything for anything if particular interest and watching guards and etc, to try to learn patterns and find ways around people.))
* Yannifer thinks for a moment, making a point to look the woman up and down in a scrutinizing manner. "You wouldn't happen to have some catnip, a pair of forceps, and three rodents of unusual size, do you?"
* David says "Perfectly reasonable sir, but I believe that I will be around here quite often, until I figure out how to care for her myself. Might I argue you down to 87 gold?" (Diplomacy: Roll = 4, Total = 14)
* Darryl sits around his room, for some reason feeling that odd feeling he felt every so often, restless and unwilling to stay inside as he decided to go and wander the streets, maybe he'd find an interesting shop.
<Keats> ((there are some guards patrolling. In the basement there are a few guarded vaults and the personal quarters are either guarded or locked, depending on importance and whether the person is present))
* Kento decides to head back to his roo
* Darryl scours the street for any interesting curio shops.
<Darryl> streets*))
<Keats> "87 it is." The man waits until paid and then goes in to get the saddle, saddle bags, bit and brittle, et cetera.
<Kento> << room, after searching the basement, and spotting the guarded rooms and committing the guards' routine to memory.
* Kaedo finishes with his bath and sighs as he dons his kimono once more, then slips on his wooden sandals and opens the door to his quarters to find Lindbert. "Lindbert. I could use a hand. This armor is fairly difficult to don by myself."
* Lindbert , now out of the room settles himself down on the floor, though after several minutes waiting he begins to get fidgety, wondering whether he'd be able to rush off to the stables to collect Jim before Kaedo noticed him gone.
<Keats> Darryl happens upon a small shop selling all kinds of odds and ends. The owner is an elderly woman with gray hair and black clothes.
* Lindbert decides that he should be able to if the man still plans on bathing and so he quickly rushes off, his armour clinking loudly down the corridor.
* Darryl decides to go inside, looking for any interesting magical type items, scrolls or similar.
* David payed the man out of his heavier money purse, the one containing mostly gold, and then examined his new horse, and all of the equipment for it. He patted the animal cautiously, and then tried to saddle it and begin emptying most of his pack into it.
* Darryl looks for things of value that are being sold for less than they're worth. ((Appraise: 5+8=13))
<Keats> Lindbert finds his animals in the guards' table and they've been given water
* Kaedo notices Lindbert missing, then closes the door to his quarters and sighs as he picks up his helmet and stares at his reflection in the clan crest mounted in between the two horns on the front of it. He wonders why he was sitting around when he should be trying to get negotiations overwith as quickly as possible and return home.
<Keats> There are several battered map cases being sold only 7 silver each as well as a set of locksmithing equipment for 45 gold.
* Darryl will cast detect magic and look for magical items, deciding to pick up the cases and smithing equipment as well.
<Lindbert> As Lindbert gets closer to the stables he slows his running down to a jog then into a quick walk before stopping next to his friends. "Enjoying your drinks?" He asks them, petting Reginalds head as Jim jumps onto the gnomes back. "I've still got some business to attend to, but I should be back soon." Lindbert pets Reginald on last time before rushing back.
* David After he'd taken care of his horse, David left the man with a quick thanks, and then simply began searching for something to do.
<Keats> Darryl sees nothing magical in the store
* Darryl smiles and is frield with the store owner, deciding to buy the map cases and the smithing equipment for now, deciding he'll study them later, as he goes to look for other curio stores.
<Keats> The woman hesitates at Yannifers request before answering "We don't have any animals here"
<Keats> "Willful Woman? I think it's near the perfumed quarter"
<David> "Right. Thank you."
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Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

* Kaedo sets his kabuto down on the bed after being lost in thought for several minutes, then picks up both of his swrods and places them on his belt, opening the door of his quarters and exiting, looking around for Lindbert.
* Darryl purchases two scroll cases and looks to find his way to another Curio shop.
* David continues his search in the perfume quarter
<Keats> ((There are all kinds of stores around, but almost all of them sell at standard prices or higher))
<Lindbert> As Kaedo opens the door Lindbert comes running around the corner, a monkey perched on his back chittering excitedly. Seeing Kaedo in the doorway Lindbert realises his disappearance had been noticed and quickly slows down to a walk. "Sorry about that, went to check up on my mount and monkey." Lindbert explains apologetically as he stops in front of the human.
<Kento> Kento makes his way to kaedo's chambers before knocking politely to get his lords attention, "Kaedo-sama, if it would be acceptable to you. I will like to bead out for a bit on my own and visit the merchant quarters?"
<Keats> In perfumed quarters David quickly spots the sign. Inside he is greeted by a well-endowed blonde half-elf "Hello dear. Like what you see?"
* Darryl searches for a shop that sells magical scrolls.
<Kaedo> "Go ahead, Kento. But be back before nightfall. I don't want the locals becoming suspicious of our intents."
* Darryl goes to the scroll store he knows best for having rare and odd scrolls.
* Kento bows courteously, "Thank you, Kaedo-sama, I do not suspect I shall be gone long." he saids before heading to the stable to get his horse and head out into the business quarters, he would look around for an apothecary.
<Keats> "Hello Darryl. What do you want today?"
* Kaedo notices Lindbert and the monkey on his shoulder. "Do not worry, Lindbert. At least it gave me time to think and bath. Now, would you mind helping me put my armor back on before we tour the city? This armor may look extravagant, but it is quite troublesome to don."
<Darryl> "Good Evening, James (I named an NPC, yep) What've you gotten in new, anything hard to find?"
<Keats> Kento spots several shops selling alchemical substances. Together they have almost every kind of drug imaginable, and a fair share of other substances
* David doesn't even hesitate before quipping back; "Of course, milady, but that is not what I seek today. I heard that some sort of meeting would be taking place in the basement of this place."
<Lindbert> "Yes, I'll be happy to help you," Lindbert says, stepping into the room Jim hops off his shoulder and clambers onto the bed as Lindbert waits for instructions on how to assemble Kaedo's exotic armour.
* Kaedo starts telling Lindbert how to assemble the armor, showing him which pieces go where,and helping him assemble it around him
* Darryl searches around for a while, picking out scrolls.
<Keats> "Well, we have <bunch of spells you already have>, Staggering Fall and Masterwork transformation as well as some more powerful spells if you'd like to take a look."
<Kaedo> ((Total time of assembly: 5 minutes of telling him how to do it, and 5 minutes of actually putting it on.))
* Darryl nods. "Excellent, let's take a look then..."
<Keats> The girl looks at David with a somewhat disappointed expression "Okay. There's already some girl down there, but the sergeant won't arrive before dark. I can entertain you until he arrives, if you'd like."
* Darryl looks around hte shop, picking up a scroll of Crafter's Fortune, Feather Fall, Staggering Fall, and Aqueous Orb, setting them on the table. "I think these will be good for today, James." ((Base Price: 575 total))
<Keats> "That'll be 575 gold, Darryl. Nice doing business with you"
<David> Giving a sharkish grin, David responds; "I'm afraid I must refuse, milady. As lovely as you are, it simply isn't my type of thing to do so casually. Please, take no offense."
* Darryl grumlbes a little about the price but counts out the gold as he puts the scrolls into his new cases, planning to write them in later.
<Darryl> "Thanks again James, let me know when you get anything good in."
* Lindbert listens intently as Kaedo explains how to help him don his armour, Jim chittering and jumping in the background. Once he thinks he understands Lindbert begins work on assembling the armour.
<Keats> The blonde tilts her head "Why must all you religious types be so boring? In with you, then"
<David> "It comes with the job."
<Keats> "Are you sure your god would mind?"
* Kaedo stands triumphant as his armor is now fully assembled after five minutes of labor from Lindbert, himself, and Jim. With the exception of his helmet and mask, he is ready for combat.
* Darryl decides to go window shopping until he sees something interesting.
* Kento pulls his hood over his head to keep from being noticeable as he walks up to an apothecary shop and entering. He walks up to the counter and asks for the merchant, "Hello? I am looking to purchase some toxins. Do you carry any Dark Reaver Powder and Wolfsbane?".
<David> "Not my god. Serenrae does not care so much, so long as it doesn't interfere with the faith. My chasteness is by my choice." He explained amicably, taking no offense at the womans insistence. She was doing a job, after all.
<Keats> The shopkeeper whistles quietly "That's expensive stuff. How much do you want?"
<Lindbert> With Kaedo's armour dealt with Lindbert hops off the bed, Jim following suit. "What are your plans now, sir?" The gnome asks politely.
<Keats> "Well, the cellar is that way."
* Kento pulls out his money bag and holds up his hand pointing two fingers up,
<Kaedo> Kaedo reaches for his helmet and places it on his head, then grabs his mask and decides to leave it there, tying the straps on his helmet. "I intend to see for myself if this town is worth trading in."
<David> "Thank you, milady. Have a pleasant day!" David says, before going where he'd been instructed.
<Kento> << I'll take two vials of each if I can. If not then just one of each poison please." he instructs the merchant.
* Darryl finds a street corner and sits himself down on a crate, offering to draw pictures for money.
<Keats> The shopkeeper goes to the backroom and comes back after a while. "That's a total of 208 platinum"
* Kaedo slides the mask inside his chest plates, then dons all of his weaponry
<Lindbert> "A wise idea," Lindbert replies, nodding. "And I'll be more than happy to show you around this great city. Though you'll have to forgive me for using my mount. Travelling on Reginald is far easier than going by foot for me."
* Kaedo nods "So long as you agree to allowing me to ride my horse. I never go far without him."
<Kento> "I'll just have one of each, that's a little rich for my blood, sir." Kento saids paling a little bit at the price.
<Keats> The shopkeeper gives Kento the agreed upon items.
* Darryl sits around drawing out of boredom, not quite feeling like heading back to the mages guild yet, deciding to see if anyone ends up being interested in having a drawing done.
* Kento hands over the agreed amount of gold for his purchase and pockets the poison into his backpack before climbing onto his horse and riding back to the palace and settling down in his quarters for the evening.
<Lindbert> "Ah, a fellow appreciator of mounts. Seems like we have something in common," Lindbert comments, a smile spreading across his face. "You'll probably be pleasantly surprised with mine, Reginald has been with me since he was born." The gnome explains as the two of them leaves the room for the stables, Jim perched once more on Lindbert's shoulder.
<Keats> A middle aged woman walks up to Darryl "Hey, you any good? I might have a job for you if you are"
* Darryl tilts his head to the side, showing the drawing he was working on, a simple scene of the street in front of him. "Yeah, I'd like to think I'm good, so sure, I'm listening."
<Keats> ((make a relevant craft or profession check))
* Darryl Craft (Drawing) [14+8=22]
<Keats> "That'll do. I'd like to make an advertisement for my house, so I'd like you to draw a couple of my girls for it. I'll pay you ten gold. You interested?"
* Darryl nods. "Sure sure. I'm up for it. Lead the way."
<Keats> The woman leads Darryl through the streets arriving at the Willful Woman, continuing upstairs as two of the women there follow them to a rather spacious room with a chair, a table and a bed in there.
* Darryl sees what he remembers about this palce: Knowledge (Local) [8+8=16]
* Darryl follows the woman upstairs, not really surprised or phased by this, having been around the town often enough to know places like this were common enough.
<Keats> ((Willful Woman is an upperclass whore house. It doesn't deal with exotics, but the prices are higher than most people can afford and the word is that it's worth it))
* Kaedo follows Limdbert as they make their way to the stables "So where is your mount, anyway?"
<Keats> The two girls take seductive poses on the bed, partially stripping and looking at Darryl. The owner leaves the room and goes downstairs.
* Darryl takes a moment to study the pose, leaning against the edge of the table as he stands and starts to do the sketching and drawing of the girls for the ad, focusing on the work and not getting distracted for now. ((Sadly))
<Keats> Coming out from the backstreet Arya saw the people come from the ship and leave to the palace.
<Lindbert> "Reginald is at the stables at the moment," Lindbert replies. As the stables come into view Kaedo would spot a large ostrich, yellow in colour donned in leather barding, a lance, battleaxe and a side pack resting on the floor next to the bird. "Kaedo, meet Reginald." The gnome says as the two of them stop in front of the stables.
<Keats> One of the stablehands rushes to get Kaedo's horse and saddles it for him
<AryaWolf-Sword> 6"Most intriguing," Arya said to herself, absently toying with her lower lip with one hand. Curiosity was what made her follow, staying far enough away that she wouldn't alert the guards with the sword and shield sheathed and strapped across her back, but close enough with hands carefully at her sides that they would see her and the lack of weapons ready.
<Kaedo> "That certainly is.........A unique way of travelling." Kaedo says, damn near dropping his Naginata from shock at seeing the strange creature, before snapping out of it and walking over towards his horse, and mounting it with the aid of his free left hand, "I suppose you could call this horse my mount, but he's more of a companion then that."
<Keats> Arya sees the procession arrive to the palace and the guards disband as stablehands get the horses and the other people continue inside
* Kaedo pats his horse on the back of the head, even though the leather lamellar barding covers most of the beasts body.
<Lindbert> "Reginald is my very best friend," Lindbert explains as the bird quickly makes his way to the two of them. Squawking happily, Reginald lowers himself down and nuzzles his head against Lindbert's, who pets him for several minutes before turning back to Kaedo.
* AryaWolf-Sword 6looked around the courtyard of the palace. She'd never been this far uptown before, always preferring the dark alleys of the dock yards. Not to mention the easy pickings for her more queer meals. Still, once more her curiosity was piqued, and so she carefully moved towards the stables, keeping her hood up to block the stinging sunlight.
<Lindbert> "Like I said, he's been with me since he was born. His mother was slain by several wild beasts. It was lucky that I was nearby at the time." Lindbert's eyes unfocus as he retells his story, taking on a dreamy expression before snapping back to normal.
<Keats> The stablehands quickly take care of the horses and then keep doing other tasks until sometime later the man in strange armor and a gnome arrive to the stables.
<Lindbert> "And it seems your horse has armour as exotic as yours," Lindbert comments, a look of surprise on his face. "Does everyone wear such extravegant armour where you come from?" The gnome asks as he equips his weapons and bag before climbing into Reginalds saddle.
* Kaedo chuckles "All of our armor is designed like this. It provides maximum protection and allows for great maneuverability." he says, lifting one of the lamellar plates on his own armor "It can be a bit heavy at times, but it more than makes up for it with sheer protective ability."
<Keats> The girls manage to mostly stay still as Darryl works on his drawing
* Darryl continues to work quietly, busily working away on the drawing until he feels he's finished, which might not be for a little while.
* AryaWolf-Sword 6cocks her head, but stays slightly in the shadows. Easily seen to those who would so look, but not standing out. For the moment she merely stood, and listened to the pair converse. The man with the exotic armour had a strange accent, she'd never heard it and she'd be damn near everywhere in her life.
<Lindbert> "Well, where do you want to go first?" Lindbert asks, Jim standing on the sheath of the lance.
* Darryl eventually finishes on the drawing, doing a few final finishing touches as he gives it a look over to see how well he did.
<Keats> Seeing that Darryl was finished, the girls put their clothes on and come take a look
* Kaedo thinks for several moments "Let us go to the merchant district. I want to see just how much competition my island's trade ships will have to compensate for."
* Darryl shows the girls the drawing. ((Wanta check?))
<Keats> ((yes))
* Darryl Craft (Drawing) [13+8=21]
<Keats> The owner of the house comes up "You finished?"
* Darryl gives a quick nod, showing her the finished drawing. "Yep, all done."
<Keats> "Looks good enough. Here's your gold"
* Darryl gives her a quick nod, taking the gold and pocketing it. "And thank you, let me know if you'd like any more."
<Keats> The owner goes back downstairs and the girls follow her
* AryaWolf-Sword 6raised an eyebrow beneath the hood of her cloak. So this man was some sort of... ambassador? A merchant? Where the hell had he come from that a trader would also be a warrior. Good horse he had too.
<Lindbert> At Kaedo's request Lindbert directs Reginald towards the merchant district, picking a route least likely to contain villainous sorts. "You may want to be careful, there's plenty of people willing to risk their lives stealing. Though with me as your guard they may not try anything. Still, it's better to be prepared." The gnome explains to Kaedo.
* Darryl decides to go outside, seeing what was around wherever that might catch his interest.
* Kaedo nods his head, following Lindbert on his horse "So there is an abundance of crime in this city, I take it?"
* AryaWolf-Sword 6watches the Gnome and the foreign stranger depart the stables. She remembered seeing the Gnome before, a member of the guards. She'd always avoided him before hand, but now she found herself following him through the streets, wincing as she stepped out into the sun. It wasn't like she had anything better to do at the moment.
<Lindbert> "Oh, like you'd never believe," Lindbert begins to explain. "Drug trafficking, prostitution, black market trading. And they're the 'legal' crimes. You have thieves, murderers and the like, but the guards stop them. My usual patrol is the docks, though I'm not actually a part of the town guard. I'm a hired mercenary, the cities lord hired me himself."* Kaedo scratches his chin with his left hand "I see. So how well is the import business? I need to know if we would be able to make a profit selling our armors and weapons here."
* AryaWolf-Sword 6tagging along after the stranger duo, perked her ears as she heard mentions of crimes. Suddenly she was interested in the conversation for more than just curiosity. Might be good to know what the guards knew about some of the throat slashes in the past few months.
<Lindbert> "I'm not really sure about that, trading isn't really my jurisdiction. Though I've yet to see anything as fancy as the gear you and your horse is wearing, so if everything you're trying to import is as fancy as that there shouldn't be any problem."
* Kaedo chuckles lightly to himself "Yes, well, our armor does tend to keep people alive longer." he says, smiling as he looks down the road. "And our weapons are interesting to say the least.
<AryaWolf-Sword> 6"That they are," Arya muttered to herself, eyes running over some of the weaponry this stranger carried.
<Lindbert> "They do certainly look interesting," Lindbert says in agreement, Jim climbs over the gnomes shoulders and sits down in front of him. "Not sure I'd swap my lance for one though."
* Kaedo looks up at the blade mounted on the end of his Naginata "I don't know about that. This weapon does a fine job of keeping the enemies at bay while also cutting them to ribbons."
* AryaWolf-Sword 6examined the weapon as she walked through the crowds beside the horses. It was rather nice... though she still liked her longsword. It had served her well enough over the years. Spilt its fair share of blood.
<Lindbert> "That may be, though I'm more of a charger," Lindbert explains. "And if I need to get up close my axe does enough damage. After all I'm only subduing criminals, I can't get away with killing them. Even if the streets would be safer if some of the criminals disappeared."
<Lindbert> The tone of Lindberts voice would suggest that he doesn't always work on the side of the law when apprehending criminals.
* AryaWolf-Sword 6looked up sharply at the last statement, her hood nearly falling back, but she grabbed it at the last moment. It was too damn bright out today to be wandering around without the hood up.


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Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

(David will be sitting down in the basement after he'd tied up his horse outside. Mostly, waiting for stuff to happen, and chatting with anyone that sits still long enough and doesn't look annoyed with him.)
Dec 14, 2008
Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

((Huh, control-F is my friend, go figure. Looked over it like four bloody times, couldn't spot it at all. Right then, onwards!))

Yannifer looked back at the woman blankly for a moment, then burst out laughing. It took her nearly thirty seconds to calm down enough to speak again. "Oooh, that's a good one. Don't worry so much, it was a joke. What would I even do with those?" She exclaimed with a wide grin. "I should be fine on my own. Thanks for your careful consideration though!" She finished sincerely, then wandered off down the stairs and into the basement.

Once down there, she discovered that there weren't any gnome-sized chairs down there. Undeterred, Yannifer took two normal-sized chairs and tipped one over, placing it underneath the first to act as both a stepladder and a footrest, and made herself comfortable, pulling a book out of her backpack and starting to read.
That's how David found her when he arrived. She looked rather bland for a gnome, which is to say she wasn't wearing any more than four colours of clothing on her at the time. She had entertainer's pants of a faded and road-stained purple, a similarly faded orange wizard's hat, the brim of which had been folded to resemble that of a cowboy hat, and a dark green vest full of pockets, covering a chainmail shirt, covering a hand-knitted woolen sweater, which surprisingly enough, hadn't been dyed at all. Gods knew if and what was underneath that, of course. She had a rugged but well-made backpack sitting on the floor beside her chairs, and a staff of some sort leaned there as well.

Looking up as David came down the stairs, she greeted him with a simple "Hi there!"
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Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

The sun held high in the sky and the citizens of Redwater were settling in for their midday meal, which meant that it was a fine time for a young fire sorcerer to earn some quick coin with a lunch-time performance. Cassandra took her time finding a place with plenty of people; a nice open area comfortable enough to settle in and eat a meal, maybe nearby some street vendors selling some food, heck maybe if she gave a good performance she could broker a free lunch for some free publicity.

So, after finding a suitable location and waiting for it to fill up with more than enough people, Cassandra sat up, dusted herself off and began a typical performance. She stood out in the middle of the clearest place she could find, still making certain she was in view of the ‘audience’ sure they weren’t exactly asking for a performance but even in a town like Redwater, someone was bound to tip right? It was common courtesy. She opened with a spell; Dancing Lights, it wasn’t dark enough for them to be as spectacular as they could have been, but four wafting spheres of pale light floating over the heads of the eating spectators seemed like a good way to gain their attention. Cassandra had the lights drift about as she gave a simple twirl, she wasn’t trying her hardest to give her best performance, but she was trying to use it as an exercise/warm up, and she did have fun putting on shows.

((Don't know if you want a Performance Check for this.))


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Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

A large figure in teal and purple robes sauntered down up the street, only vaguely certain of his destination. The Willful Woman.

Modesto had come to Redwater to educate people on the merits of praying to Unlunu, even if they didn't want to actively worship the Monsoon God. Hoping to at least get an ear or two, maybe some donations to fund a humble shrine, the Missionary was appalled at how little people were willing to hear of Unlunu.

He knew it wasn't his god that was the trouble. It was him. He needed clout. He needed renown. He needed to adventure. (Also, the cost of running the shrine was just slightly higher than the donations coming in, and needed more money.)

When Modesto saw the posting about the meeting at the Willing Woman, he figured a bit of good repute with the city's law enforcement would encourage them to work harder at deterring vandals.

Modesto saw the sign he was looking for and walked straight straight through the front door of the upscale facility, smiling lightly. He figured the meeting caller may give his guests a good time to butter them up for the contract, which he was intending to fully enjoy.
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Re: Chapter One: The Lord of Redwater

So yeah, recap:

We met a new friend today! His name is Modesto, and he is a cleric of Unlunu. Or something.
Anyway, we talked to him for a bit, and then the guy we were supposed to get the mission from showed up! He gave me (Dave) a letter, and told us that we had to go find some druids and figure out why the weather was being all weird and stuff. He told us to leave in the morning, and we did more or less just that, going to do stuff like get horses and shit, and then going out of the North Gate of Redwater come the morning.

We walked for a day, not a whole lot happening over all besides some nice chit-chat between Kaedo and David, and then we reached the edge of the farmland around Redwater just as night was falling. We set up camp in a predetermined spot, and were just deciding the watch order when we all (the players, not our characters) started passing out.
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